Anchovies are a small, oily fish, widely available either fresh or in a tin. You can get small anchovies or larger anchovies, and they tend to be packed in oil or salt. Anchovies have bags of flavour and can be used as they are, or as a flavouring/seasoning for other dishes. They're a little bit salty, very savoury and they make a wonderful addition to all sorts of dishes, including pasta sauce, salad dressing, dips and more. We've got plenty of anchovy recipes for you to enjoy below, including a crisp anchovy and garlic spaghetti, a creamy cheesy anchovy dip and a punchy black olive and anchovy tapenade.

Some people love the deep, salty flavour of anchovies while others find it a little over-powering. How you choose to prepare your anchovies depends entirely on your tastes. Salted anchovies are often soaked in water for 5-6 hours before use, while anchovies packed in oil can be used straight away - although again, if you don't like overly salty flavours, you can soak the anchovies before use. Just remember to pat them dry before using them so that they�re less watery.

Larger anchovies are best for serving in dishes where you'd like to keep them whole - pasta sauces, pizzas, roast meat dishes etc. The smaller anchovies are best for blending as they break up really easily when you cook them, leaving a gentle salty flavour rather than a big chunk of fish. If you're a little wary of anchovies or fish, when you first cook them, use them as a seasoning - simply blend them into a salad dressing or cook them down and you'll see that they actually have a very mild, salty flavour.

Some anchovies also contain bones, while others don't, so be sure to check before you include them in your cooking.