Crumbles were thought to originate around the time of World War II. This was due to rationing of food which meant that the ingredients for a full pie were too expensive and used too many ingredients up, and so the simple crumble topping was born.

Crumbles can be made with either fruit and sugar or there are also savoury versions made with meat and cheese. Apple crumble is perhaps the most popular of the fruit crumbles as it is so easy to make, and so tasty.

Apple crumble can be made with cinnamon for an autumnal desert, or with berries for a more summery take on the dish. The only limit is your imagination. Try adding ginger, cloves, different sugars; use a little bit of what you fancy.

Quick tip: make sure you stew the fruit exactly according to the recipe, because if it's too wet you'll get a soggy crumble top, and if it's too dry, you'll get a heavy crumble.