Savoury, salty, crisp and smoky, bacon is a breakfast staple of tables up and down the country. But it is much, much more versatile than just a simple breakfast component. Bacon can be chopped and used to season cakes, bakes, breads or pasta sauces, as a garnish, as a lining ingredient and as a wrap, or just as it is! Take a look at the recipes below, including a quirky maple and bacon doughnut recipe, a recipe for bacon and prawn linguine and a traditional Italian spaghetti carbonara.

Bacon is cured pork, usually prepared from the back of the pig, as in back bacon, or from the belly of the pig, usually referred to as streaky bacon. Back bacon is lean, while streaky bacon contains more fat. Streaky bacon is ideal for using if flavour is what you are looking for as a lot of the flavour is in the fat. Back bacon, when trimmed, is still super flavourful, but it's leaner � so it's ideal for those watching their weight.

Pancetta is another form of bacon, usually used in Italy and often used in Italian dishes like carbonara. Smoked bacon has the most flavour, but you can also purchase unsmoked bacon � it still has plenty of flavour from the curing process. You can boil, fry, grill or oven-bake bacon � cook it however you like. Take a look at the recipes above for some inspiration as how to enjoy bacon.