Bananas are one of the most versatile fruits there are. Sweet, soft and delicious served as they are, chopped into a natural yoghurt or sliced into Elvis Presley's favourite, a peanut butter and banana sandwich, they can be mashed into cakes, chopped into pancakes, baked into muffins and even deep fried and simmered in curry. Make use of all of those blackening bananas in your fruit bowl with some of our delicious recipes, including a chocolate chip banana cake, a cinnamon and banana pudding that you can make in the microwave, banana flapjacks and a gooey toffee banana and date loaf.

Most banana dessert recipes call for "ripe" bananas, which means bananas that are completely yellow with not a hint of green. The spottier the bananas, the better, and in most cases, you can even get away with using blackened bananas. Blackened bananas are simply ripened bananas – they're just as good for you nutritionally as regular yellow bananas. They turn sweeter and softer as they ripen, which is why they're so good for mashing into cake batters, puddings and biscuit doughs, as they help to sweeten and moisten the pud – which is why you can often cut out some of the sugar and butter or oil.

Bananas can easily be transformed into a healthy pud – just freeze in slices, then blitz with milk to create a smooth sweet ice cream. They're particularly lovely in cakes, puddings, muffins and loaves, too. We've got plenty of recipes to whet your tastebuds, including chocolate banana French toast, banana tarte tatin, banana praline parfait and even a banana coconut curry (the banana gives it a lovely sweetness and is much nicer than you might think!), so make use of all those bananas in your fruit bowl and get cooking!