Beetroot, also known as table beet, garden beet or beet, is a sweet, earthy vegetable found commonly across America and Europe. Beetroot can be a deep purple in colour but white, red, yellow and golden beetroots can also be found. It's commonly found pickled in vinegar but also tastes fabulous when boiled, baked, roasted, simmered or stewed. It's much more versatile than you might think and even tastes fantastic when baked into a chocolate cake. To give you inspiration, take a look at the collection of beetroot recipes below, including red velvet cake, beetroot soup and BBQ beetroot.

Beetroot is much, much more than that pickled, jarred salad vegetable. If you think you don't like beetroot, you have to try it raw, roasted, boiled or baked - it has a wonderfully sweet and earthy flavour and will make a fantastic accompaniment to any meal.

The greens of the beetroot can also be cooked. You can boil them until tender, steam them or pan fry them in the same way that you'd cook spinach. Throw them into whatever dish you like and absolutely don't throw them away - cook them!

Beetroots stand up well to spice, so don't be afraid to experiment. They work well with cumin, garlic and black pepper in particular and in Indian cuisine are cooked down with a whole host of spices. Beetroot is also delicious when served with horseradish and it even works well cold. It's a bit of a wonder-veg, and that's why we love it. Take a look at the recipes above for some more beetroot inspiration.