Brazilian food is packed full of exotic flavours and although it varies greatly from region to region, generally, you can count on rich dishes with plenty of cream, spice, fresh herbs and - one of their favourite ingredients - condensed milk. Brazilian food is a little bit of a melting pot of all sorts of different cultures and cuisines and features influences from Italy, Spain, Mexico and much of Europe. You'll see plenty of sauces and puddings and main meals typically featuring meat, spice and often black beans, too.

In Brazil, there are plenty of well-known meals and dishes. One of the most popular dishes is cheese bread - it's like a Brazilian version of the humble cheese twist, made out of plenty of grated parmesan. Warm cheese bread is perfect for dipping into a freshly made tomato salsa and luckily, it's easy to make too.

The Brazilian national drink is coffee - easy to make and easy to jazz up with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. The national liquor cachaça is made from distilled sugar cane and is used to make a wonderfully zesty cocktail that reminds us a bit of a mojito - the caipirinha. Exotic fruits are incredibly popular but savoury foods play their part in dessert, too. One of the most popular puds is cream of avocado, a pudding that combines avocado, lime juice and vanilla ice cream to create a thick and creamy dessert and yet another pud uses corn for added sweetness and texture.

Take a look at the Brazilian recipes above for a little bit of inspiration - we have everything from a rich banana crumb cake to beef marinated in cumin and herby halloumi skewers. Enjoy!