Brownies are popular all over the world. Originating in America, loved by all, they're a firm family favourite. Folklore tells of a careless chef that forgot to put baking powder into her chocolate cake mixture, thus creating one of the tastiest chocolate treats of a generation. They're a wonderful cross between cake and cookie, and in most cases, incredibly easy to make.

The exact origin of the brownie is unclear. There are many stories similar to the folklore story including chefs who forgot to add flour to their cake mixture, and a chef who mistakenly added chocolate to their biscuit mixture. Whatever the exact origin, brownies have been around now since the beginning of the 20th century - albeit a bit less chocolatey and fudgy than what we think of as a brownie today.

It's obvious as to where the name brownie came from - the dark brown colour. The first recipe for a 'brownie' was published in 1896, but this was a recipe for something flavoured with molasses rather than chocolate. The first chocolate brownie recipe was published in 1907, giving us the basis of all our brownie recipes today.

There is a huge variety in brownie recipes - from white chocolate and raspberry to dark chocolate and ginger, there's one to suit every taste. The only question that remains; do you prefer your brownies cake-like, or fudge-like? Get cooking and find out!