Celeriac is a bit of a forgotten root vegetable and a little bit underloved, but it makes a brilliant alternative to parsnips, potatoes and carrots in all sorts of dishes. It has a light, peppery flavour, similar to celery, and turns sweet and delicious when baked or roasted. You can serve it raw, thinly sliced into salads, simmered into soups and sauces, baked until crisp and tender and deep-fried, too. It's much more versatile than you'd think, so take a look at the recipes below for more inspiration. We've got recipes for celeriac fritters, celeriac and spinach soup, an impressive salt crusted celeriac and much more.

Celeriac, also known as turnip root, celery root and knob celery is the root of a certain type of celery, typically cultivated for the roots only. It's knobbly and a bit gnarly-looking, and because it has a tough outer skin, people are often a little stumped as to how to cook and prepare it. The easiest way to peel a celeriac to get to that tender flesh inside is to slice off the top and bottom using a sharp knife, then working your way around the outside of the celeriac, slice off the skin. Don't try to use a potato peeler as it'll take far too long to prepare! Then, simply chop as the recipe directs.

You can store celeriac really easily, too, in the same way that you'd store potatoes. You can also pickle it to store, if you prefer.

For more celeriac inspiration, take a look at the recipes above.