Cherries are a sweet or sour seeded fruit, with a deep red skin and tiny stems that are delicious eaten raw or cooked. The two main varieties of cherries are sweet and sour; sweet cherries can range in colour from red to purple to black and taste fantastic either raw or cooked into sweet or savoury dishes, while sour cherries range in colour from orange yellow to deep red and are usually only suitable for cooking with. Check out recipes for sweet and sour cherries, as well as tinned cherries, glace cherries and maraschino cherries below - we've got recipes for cherry and lamb stew, chocolate cherry beer cake, cherry and ginger cake and everything in between.

Cherries have a relatively short growing season and although they are fantastic fresh, they are often fairly difficult to get hold of through the autumn and winter months. Frozen cherries are a great alternative, or you might prefer to home freeze or can cherries through the summer so that you can enjoy them year round.

Because cherries have a short growing season, they are preserved in a number of different ways. You can find regular tinned cherries in syrup at most supermarkets, as well as tinned cherry fruit pudding filling that works well in pies, cakes or as a topping. Glace cherries are a classic in fruit cocktails and old-school puddings, although they are often too sweet for some recipes due to the preserving process, whereby they are steeped in syrup.

Maraschino cherries, also known as cocktail cherries, are also preserved and sweetened, although they tend not to be as sweet as glace cherries. Finally, dried cherries are another way to enjoy cherries year round, and they have a sweet, tart flavour and a chewy texture that lends itself well to being used in cookies and biscuits.

Take a look at the cherry recipes above, using all kinds of fresh and preserved cherries, to learn how to make the most of this fabulous fruit.