Chicken is a fantastically versatile meat and if you cook it properly, it can be incredibly juicy and flavourful. Chicken breasts are ideal for chopping into curries or simmering in stews while chicken thighs, legs and wings can be baked, basted, roasted or simmered in casseroles. Whole chickens are also easy to cook and can be jazzed up in any number of ways, with spices, herbs and fresh citrus flavours - or cooked very simply with butter, salt and pepper. Explore some of our delicious chicken recipes below, including a tangy herb and citrus roast chicken, hunter's chicken with a homemade smoky BBQ sauce and a delicious slow cooker chicken curry.

Chicken can very easily become dry when cooked, especially when baked in the oven. That might be because we're all a little bit scared of cooking it - we don't want to under-cook it and end up with pink chicken, which means that often we end up over-cooking it, resulting in dry, stringy meat. Chicken must be cooked all the way through but you don't have to cook it for any longer than that - it should be just cooked through with no traces of pink in the middle but still juicy. Chicken also tastes best when rested before serving - especially a whole chicken. Always rest it under foil and all of those juices will go back into the chicken, meaning that is extra juicy and tender and never, ever dry!