Made with fermented cacao beans, with a little added cocoa butter, milk, butter or sugar, depending on the brand, chocolate is a sweet treat that everyone will enjoy. Available in milk, dark, white and even flavoured varieties like strawberry, mint and vanilla, chocolate is incredibly versatile. Enjoy it as it is, melt it into hot chocolate, set it into cakes or beat it into icing – however you prepare it, you're sure to find it delicious! Take a look at the recipes below for a little chocolatey inspiration.

Chocolate making is a pretty lengthy process, but the end result is definitely worth it. Cacao pods are carefully opened, with workers carefully extracting the beans from within. The beans are then fermented, before being dried in the sun. Once dried, the beans are ground down and sifted to separate the ground cacao from the husk of the bean. The cacao is then combined with cocoa butter and sugar and in some cases, milk and butter, to create chocolate as we know it!

When you want to melt chocolate down for use as a topping or as a dip, you can make it extra shiny by putting it through a "tempering" process. Melt chocolate over a pan of simmering water until it reaches over 41C, stirring so that the temperature is uniform. Add a few ounces of unmelted chocolate. Stir until the uniform temperature of the chocolate reaches 31-32C and keep the chocolate at that temperature using a heated mat or warm tea towel. Tempered chocolate will "crack" when bitten into and will set without turning white. But if that sounds like too much effort – and it is a little lengthy – just keep your chocolate treats in the fridge to prevent them from melting!