A donut, also known as a doughnut, depending on where in the world you are, is fried dough that can either be filled, rolled in sugar, dipped in a sauce or served with a hot drink. They are usually made from a floury dough, although they can be made from a potato dough. They tend to be deep-fried in oil, although they can be baked in the oven - although this does make the donuts have a slightly different flavour. Take a look below for a number of donut recipes, including a Greek donut recipe and a Christmassy mincemeat filled donut recipe.

Donuts tend to come in one of two varieties: ring donuts coated with sugar or an icing glaze or filled donuts injected with jam, custard or a sweetened, thickened cream. You can also get mini doughnut balls that can be soaked with a syrup or dipped into a sauce, or in the form of doughnut sticks that you can dip into whichever dip you like.

Donuts are not all sweet treats however; you can make them from potato or you can make them from pumpkin puree depending on your preferences. Donuts can be made from a yeast-raised batter, but they can also be made from a sort of choux pastry or a sweetened cake batter.

Take a look above for a number of tasty recipes, including an Italian-inspired recipe and a recipe that uses up leftover white bread.