Eggs have been eaten for hundreds of years. Chicken eggs are by far the most common egg for cooking, although quail's eggs and duck eggs have increased in popularity in recent years. Where chicken eggs are often used in cooking or baking, quail's eggs and duck eggs are more commonly eaten as they are - they tend to be richer in flavour and have a larger yolk proportionally than chicken eggs. Eggs of all kinds can be cooked, brined and pickled and can also be eaten raw (pregnant and breastfeeding women, very young children and the elderly and infirm shouldn't eat raw eggs) in things like mousses and cake icing, and they're incredibly versatile. You can eat eggs baked or whipped into cakes, puds and desserts, mixed with a white sauce to create a fluffy omelette, scrambled, fried, poached, boiled and much, much more. Take a look at the recipes below for some eggs-cellent inspiration!

Eggs can be used in cooking in a huge number of ways - add a beaten egg to mashed potato for richness in place of butter, toss with parmesan and cooked pasta to create a creamy pasta sauce, use to top muffins, toast and pizza, whisk into souffles or scramble over a low heat. We have a huge range of recipes for scrambled eggs that mean you'll never get bored at breakfast again, including pesto scrambled eggs and curried scrambled eggs.

Egg whites are used very commonly to create lift and fluffiness in savoury meals and puds. In souffles, egg whites are used to create a fluffy texture and in puddings and desserts, they're whisked with caster sugar to add a light texture to cakes and bakes and you can bake them as they are to create crispy or chewy meringues.

Take a look at our wide range of egg recipes, including spicy baked eggs with garlic yoghurt, Spanish tortilla, duck egg custards, pavolva and much, much more.