Gooseberries are a quintessentially British berry that are actually a member of the currant family – and they are particularly delicious when eaten in British gooseberry season through July to September. You can actually eat them raw, and use them in exactly the same way that you'd use many other berries – try making them into jam, curd, sprinkling them into cake batters or whizzing them into fools. Take a look at the recipes below for a little inspiration!

Gooseberries are much easier to use than you might think – all you need to do is top and tail them before use (slice out the stems) so that they're not chewy. When you're whizzing them into syrups, you can push them through a sieve so that they're super smooth, or you can leave them whole or just lightly crush them.

Gooseberries do release a lot of water when cooking, so they don't really need any extra water – just a dash will usually do unless you're making something that's supposed to be wet! The syrup and the water that comes out of them can be fairly thin, so if you like, you can drain the water and liquid off and reduce it in a saucepan before using to prevent soggy cakes and pastries – the flavour will also be more intense.

Enjoy gooseberries through gooseberry season, or use frozen or tinned gooseberries in syrup instead. Take a look at the recipes above for some inspiration!