Italian food is popular all over the world – and for very good reason! It's full of fresh, bright flavours and can be healthy and delicious at the same time. Pasta, pizza, meat dishes, salads and rich desserts are all very popular in Italian cuisine and the best thing is, they all tend to be easy to make. We've got bags of recipes below, from traditional Italian starters such as tomato bruschetta to a basic pizza recipe, a basic pasta dough recipe and a recipe for the tastiest tiramisu you've ever made!

A traditional Italian meal will take much longer to consume than your average family dinner – and a celebratory Italian meal can have between 7 and 10 courses. As you might imagine, it's not uncommon for an Italian family to spend all day over their dinner.

Italian meals tend to start with antipasti, which is what we would call an appetiser – this is usually something like bruschetta, crostini, or a sharing platter. Next comes primi piatta, which means first course or starter – this is usually a pasta, rice or gnocchi dish such as spaghetti bolognese or gnocchi with cheese sauce.
Next comes secondi piatta, or main course – this is the fish or meat dish. Usually, secondi piatta is served just as it is, without a side dish as by then, you'll already have eaten two courses! Finally, the dessert is served, which is usually something like baked figs or tiramisu.

If you fancy a traditional Italian meal, just take a look at the recipes above - we've got ideas for pizza toppings, a proper recipe for bolognese and Carbonara, and a delicious recipe for insalata caprese.