Although you can buy lamb all year round in the supermarkets, try to make it a point to buy fresh lamb during May, June and July. The most delicious lamb is the sweet, tender lamb that's found during lamb season and you can do almost anything with it - including lamb burgers, shepherd's pies, barbequed lamb, slow-cooked lamb shanks and traditional roast leg of lamb. Some of those recipes and many more are listed below.

ry to buy your lamb from a butcher's or a farmer's market where possible - this gives you the opportunity to ask about the source of the lamb. If you can't find good lamb at a butcher's shop, look at the produce labels in the supermarket and try to buy lamb that is local to you.

You can cook lamb in a huge number of ways - young, spring lamb lends itself well to being cooked very simply with garlic and herbs, and slightly older lamb is perfect for either slow-cooking or for being gently spiced.

For many lamb recipes, including slow-cooked lamb shanks, lamb keema curry, BBQ lamb shanks and fennel and lamb burgers, take a look above.