Leeks are a fantastically versatile vegetable that can be used in a huge variety of ways - as side dishes, as main courses or even as a spring salad. They can be used in place of meat in vegetarian dishes pretty easily as they have a lot of body, but they are also brilliant when their own flavour is being focussed on. Read below for some tasty recipes that will really show off this delicious vegetable.

Leek season in Britain is from November through to April and this is when leeks are at their absolute best. You can also get leeks in May or June, and they will be small, sweet and tender. You can get forced leeks throughout the rest of the year but their flavour will not be as sweet and they will need to be cooked down for longer to get the best flavour from them.

Leeks don't just have to be used in plain dishes with cream or cheese. You could pep them up by adding a bit of spice - spring leeks in particular are delicious when served with fresh chillies and sweet, tangy vinaigrette. Take a look above for a huge range of leek recipes.