Mangetout are also known as sugar snap peas and snow peas - although the sugar snap peas that we have in Britain are very much sweeter than mangetout and they tend to have thicker pods. They're flat-podded, sweet, crisp and crunchy, and can be eaten raw as part of a salad, lightly boiled and served as part of a roast dinner, stir fried or even roasted in the even in oil with herbs, spices and seasonings. Surprisingly versatile and packed with goodness, if mangetout aren't already part of your diet, it's definitely time to introduce them!

They're a salad staple, part and parcel of a pasta salad, and the perfect way to add crunch, sweetness and texture to a deeply savoury stir fry. Mangetout might be thought of as a children's snack - after all, they're often handed out at snacktime in nurseries and playgroups. But although they're tasty as they are, washed and served as is or with a sweet chilli dip, a bit of peanut butter (yes, really!), or a blob of homemade chunky garlicky hummus, they're even better cooked.

Roasting mangetout really brings out their flavour, particularly if you use plenty of olive oil, herbs, seasoning and - if you're a fan - garlic. Thyme is a big friend of mangetout, but anything savoury will work will, which is why it works so well with Chinese and Oriental flavours.

Try out delicious mangetout recipes today - you won't be disappointed!