Meatballs are a traditional meal in many cultures, usually made from ground meat that's rolled into small balls along with other ingredients to bind them. They can be served with a tomato sauce, simple gravy, pasta, rice or any other carbohydrate. We've got many recipes from around the world below, including Swedish meatballs and Chinese pearl meatballs, so take a look and get cooking!

Meatballs can be made from all types of ground meat, although they're most commonly made with ground beef. For a healthier meatball, try ground turkey or chicken, and for a lighter meatball, try ground pork or lamb meat.

Most meatballs are combined with eggs or breadcrumbs to hold them together, but some meatballs can be steam cooked instead of fried, meaning that they hold their shape without the need for binding ingredients. You can serve them as a whole meal with a sauce and pasta or rice, or you could slide them onto a skewer and BBQ them to make them into kebabs.