Mexican recipes are usually full of fresh ingredients and plenty of flavour and their cuisine is actually a melding pot of lots of other cuisines, including French, Spanish and Mediterranean. The Mexican diet is based on a few central ingredients that you'll see in plenty of Mexican dishes, such as beans, corn, tomatoes and chillies. Corn is the most important element of Mexican cuisine as it has been eaten for over 4,000 years - and it's also the basis for many of their dishes, including tortillas, tacos and nachos.

Although many Mexican recipes tend to contain a lot of fresh and flavourful ingredients, they tend to be relatively simple to cook - a gentle simmer or a simple assembly job are the cooking techniques most commonly used, although slow cooking is sometimes used.

You'll see plenty of chillies in Mexican cooking, and although jalapeno is the most popular chilli to use, serrano, pasilla and habanero are also used. They like their food hot and flavourful, so chillies and plenty of fresh herbs are used in their cuisine.

Try some authentic Mexican recipes by taking a look at our range above - there are recipes for fresh tortillas and homemade nachos, as well as a number of traditional Mexican dips and side dishes such as guacamole and refried beans and some Mexican desserts, including a cake made with three different types of milk.