Mince pies are one of the few pastries that immediately evoke Christmassy feelings. The smell of the cinnamon-spiced fruit and flaky buttery pastry is a sure-fire way to make any house smell like a home. For a variety of mince pie recipes, take a look below.

Mince pies are a small British sweet pie, traditionally served around Christmas time. Early mince pies contained a combination of minced meat, suet, a mixture of fruits, and various spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. During the English Civil War, the humble mince pie became banned by the Puritan authorities as it was associated with Catholic idolatry.

Luckily, the tradition of eating mince pies continued and around the Victorian era, mince pies became sweeter, and eventually, meat was taken out of the pie altogether. Now, mince pies tend to be made with a sweet shortcrust pastry and a mixture of fruit and spices.

A lot of shop-bought mince pies and mincemeat tend to contain raisins and sultanas which can put some people off mince pies - luckily for you, there are plenty of recipes below that contain no sultanas or raisins whatsoever. For the raisin fan, there are also plenty of traditional mince pie recipes as well as some tasty twists on the classic mince pie.