Muffins are a type of cake, baked in a liner or in a muffin tin, usually moistened with oil and fruit in place of butter, although this is not always the case. Typically, muffins are larger than your average cupcake and tend to be quite dense and squishy in texture - plus, they usually come without icing. But that is not the hard and fast rule - as you'll see, we've got plenty of muffin recipes below, including savoury muffins, iced muffins and veggie-packed muffins. A muffin for every occasion!

The excellent thing about muffins is that usually, the lumpier the batter, the better. Typically, the method for making muffins is exactly the same regardless of the ingredients. The dry ingredients are combined in a bowl, the wet ingredients are whisked together, then the two are combined and stirred together until just lumpy. Finally, flavours or fillings are folded through, such as nuts, fruit or chocolate chips.