Noodles come in many shapes, sizes, and are made of many different things. Noodles can be used in both savoury dishes, and sweet dishes. They're also used in many different cultures including Asian and Mediterranean. Take a look below for many different noodle recipes.

Noodles are often used in Asian cooking. There are two main types of Asian noodles - egg noodles, and rice noodles. Rice noodles are very fine and are a bit like vermicelli pasta. Egg noodles are thicker and stand up well to lots of flavour, such as ginger and chilli.

Noodles are also used frequently in Italian cooking, and they're normally served with a basic tomato sauce, although this can be adapted in many ways. Thin egg noodles are commonly used in chicken noodle soup, a dish infamous for its healing properties when the person eating it has a cold or the flu.

Have a look at some of the recipes above to see that you can also use noodles in deserts - they're incredibly versatile.