Pancakes have been eaten for thousands of years across the world - they're cheap, easy to make and require only a few ingredients. They can also be cooked over any heat source, and because they can be so easily adapted, are incredibly popular around the world. In Europe, pancakes tend to resemble crepes and are often very thin, whereas in America, they're often leavened with a raising agent, giving them a fluffier texture. We've got tons of sweet and savoury pancake recipes below, including fluffy lemon and blueberry pancakes, pineapple and banana pancakes, double chocolate chip pancakes and a fantastic recipe for creamy spinach savoury crepes that are baked in the oven. You'll never use just lemon juice and caster sugar as a pancake topping again.

Historical evidence suggests that pancakes were probably the earliest cereal food, enjoyed all over the world in a number of prehistoric societies. They're usually made with some type of flour, mixed with water or milk. Sometimes, eggs are added or whisked egg whites used to lighten the batter. Sweet pancakes often have sugar added to the batter, although pancake batters are often made "plain" and can then be served with sweet fillings or savoury fillings as desired.

Pancakes are most traditionally enjoyed on Shrove Tuesday. Historically, pancakes were made on Shrove Tuesday to use up the last of the fatty foods in the cupboard before Lent began. Now, Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is still enjoyed all over the world. Popular fillings include lemon juice and sugar, golden syrup or chocolate sauce. Savoury fillings often include ham, cheese, eggs and vegetables.

Take a look at the pancake recipes above for some "flipping" inspiration - including coconut crepes with a chilli sauce, homemade duck and hoisin sauce pancakes and decadent chocolate, hazelnut and banana crepes.