Pears are a sweet, slightly tart fruit that are native to the Rosaceae family of plants and trees. Many pear varieties are grown for their sweet and delicious flavour, while many are cultivated as ornamental trees. Pears are grown widely across the world, through Africa, Asia and Western Europe, and they have a rather long and illustrious history - pears were cultivated by the Romans and were eaten raw or stewed, just like apples. We have got tons of pear recipes below for you to choose from below, from sweet chocolate and pear cake to spiky pear chutney and pear and roquefort salad to toffee and pear muffins - plenty to get you inspired in the kitchen!

Pears are one of those brilliantly versatile fruits that you can serve either sweet or savoury. You can bake them into cakes, bakes and pies, simmer them into sauces or cook them into jams and butters - but you can also chop them into salads, bake them into tarts with strong blue cheese or serve them with rich meats such as pork. Pears work really well with strong cheese, as the sweet, slightly tart flavour of the pear cuts through the richness of the cheese, and they are also a wonderful complement to meat dishes. Try making a pear sauce in place of an apple sauce or serve sautéed pears alongside your favourite pork dish - delicious!

We have got a pear recipe for every occasion above, from spectacular pear cakes that are perfect for a special occasion, pear spreads to jazz up your cakes and scones, savoury pear nibbles that are perfect for parties, delicious pear puddings and crumbles and even a wonderful recipe for pear and pecan bread. Pears are super versatile and incredibly easy to cook with, so get stuck in with one of these fantastic recipes.