A pheasant is a type of game bird that is commonly shot as a sport or for the table. It has a rich, gamey flavour, and pinkish white flesh that is similar to the dark flesh of a chicken. Pheasant is one of the most popular game birds and can be bought either farmed or fresh. You can now buy pheasant from a wide majority of supermarkets in the UK, or from your local butcher or game supplier. For some fantastic pheasant recipes, take a look below.

Pheasant is in season from October to February, although you could find it outside of those times frozen in the supermarket. One whole pheasant will feed two people as a main course, although you could feed four people with one pheasant as a starter or as a main with lots of side dishes.

It's advised that if you are a game novice, you should start with pheasant as it is a relatively mild game meat. It tends to be sweet and earthy tasting, and in some cases, hints of apple or other fruit can come through in the meat, particularly when the meat has been farmed.

Game is actually very healthy - pheasant in particular actually has 40% less calories and 60% less fat than chicken. Treat your pheasant well and don't overcook it, and don't be afraid to serve it slightly pink as it is more succulent and juicy this way.