Pork is a fantastically versatile meat, available in numerous forms both fresh and preserved. There are plenty of pork products, including pork sausages, bacon, gammon, ham, smoked pork and charcuterie meats, as well as numerous different cuts of pork, including minced pork, pork chops, pork loin, pork roasting joints, pork leg and much more. Because pork is such a versatile meat, it can be cooked in a huge number of ways, although many of us do get stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to cooking this flavourful meat. Get out of your pork rut and try one of our delicious recipes, including smoky and sweet slow cooker pulled pork, sticky and sweet pork ribs, pork rarebit and a delicious recipe for red wine pork chops.

Pork is arguably even more versatile than chicken - you can bake it, fry it, shape it into meatballs or burgers, simmer it, roast it, BBQ it, slow cook it or griddle it. Because pork has such a sweet yet meaty flavour, it stands up remarkably well to spice and strong flavours, such as red wine, Chinese flavourings, fresh and dried herbs and even strong Cheddar or blue cheese.

Leaner cuts of pork such as pork chops can be cooked quickly over a high heat, whereas fattier cuts of pork such as pork loin or pork roasting joints taste even more delicious when cooked slowly over a low heat as this process allows the fat to break down, yielding tender, soft and succulent pork. As a general rule of thumb, pork chops and recipes using pork mince can be cooked in around half an hour, whereas pork ribs, pork leg and pork roasting joints might take up to eight hours to cook – but the results will be well worth it!

Take a look at our range of pork recipes for more inspiration, including cheese and onion pork chops, pork, apple and sage casserole and scrummy Italian porchetta.