Raspberries are sweet, slightly sour fruits that are widely cultivated across the world. They grow on the rubus plant and come in a number of varieties, although the most common raspberry that we all know and love in the UK is the red raspberry - sweet, slightly sharp and delicious in everything from brownies to cocktails. Raspberries are also tasty in savoury meals, too, and work brilliantly well with richly flavoured meats like venison or beef, or in zingy vinaigrettes. You’d be surprised at how delicious they are with a splash of balsamic vinegar on top of vanilla ice cream, too!

Red raspberries can be found growing wild all over the UK through the summer months in hedgerows and by the side of the road – they're easy to pick and even easier to scoff, but if you do go foraging, make sure that you give them a good wash before eating, especially if they're at a low level as dogs and foxes are known to mark their territory on them from time to time!

You might not know, but loganberries and boysenberries are actually cross-hybrids of the humble raspberry. The little red berry is far more versatile than you might think and depending on where you buy it from – or where you pick it from, it'll either be slightly sweet or very sour. Pick them when they're soft and they'll have the best flavour and eat them as soon as you can - they go mushy pretty quickly. You can also freeze raspberries too. Pop them onto a baking sheet, cover, then once frozen tip into a sandwich bag or box and freeze once more.

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