Rice pudding is a tasty dessert made from rice and milk, water or cream. Other ingredients are often added, such as fresh fruit, jam, dried fruit, alcohol, chocolate, nuts and spices. A rice pudding can be an incredibly comforting dessert but is also served as a dinnertime accompaniment in many areas of the world. Read on for more information as well as a selection of yummy recipes.

In some Nordic countries, rice pudding is made very simply with milk and sugar and can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In Iceland, for example, rice pudding is served cold with blood sausage.

Frequently, in Nordic countries, rice pudding is served at Christmastime. It's a traditional pudding, and a common thing to do is for a whole almond to be hidden in the pudding. The person who finds the almond either wins money or a prize. Winning the almond is also thought to bring the person luck for the whole year. This is a tradition that's very similar to the English tradition of money being hidden in a Christmas cake.

Rice pudding can be made with a variety of ingredients, but common variations include the addition of eggs, whipped cream and condensed milk. It can also be partially cooked in a saucepan and then finished in the oven.