Samphire is a type of sea vegetable that is found in abundance along the shorelines and in the salty marshes of the United Kingdom, as well as in Eurasia and Australia. It was originally named "sampiere" for Saint Peter, samphire was named for the patron saint of fishermen, due to its abundance along shorelines. It's also referred to as sea asparagus or sea pickle, in Norfolk as samfa and in North Wales as sampkin. It has a salty, briny flavour that matches perfectly to fish dishes, but it also works brilliantly well with neutral flavours and even lamb. To give you a little inspiration, here are a selection of samphire recipes.

Samphire is a bit of a peculiar veggie – as it grows so close to the sea, it takes on the salty flavour of the water, making it a little salty for some. If you like, you can prepare your samphire before eating it by soaking it in water to remove some of the salt. Alternatively, boiling it will remove some of the salty flavour, although you can eat it raw if preferred.

There are a number of ways to cook samphire; you can cook it simply by simmering and serving with butter or lemon juice, or you could fry it in a little butter, or you could even just chop off any woody bits and serve it with a salad dressing to dip.
We've got lots of yummy samphire recipes above, from samphire tempura to samphire dip to a fluffy, oven-baked samphire omelette.