Scones are a quick to make bread of Scottish origin. Scones are very popular all over the world, but in particular in the UK as part of a traditional cream tea, in the USA as bread with breakfast, and in Australia as a deep-fried treat in the cooler months of the year. Scones can be either lightly sweetened or served as a savoury bread with butter. Read on for a variety of sweet, savoury and native recipes.

Cooking notes: all of the scones below should be brushed with some milk before going into the oven to crisp up the tops and help them turn golden in colour. Also, if you're using a cutter to cut the scones out, make sure they come out clean, because if the side of the scone gets squashed whilst you're cutting it out, it won't rise properly.

In Britain, the most common scone is a slightly sweet scone that is served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Cheese and bacon scones are also served very commonly in cafes and restaurants. In Australia, scones are commonly made from pumpkin, giving them a gently spiced flavour. They are also often deep fried, making them a little bit like doughnuts.

Scones are typically round in shape, but you can find them in wedges, triangles, and any other shape you can think of, really. Next time you serve scones, try serving them straight from the oven with some ice cream and fruit. Whilst warm, they're still lovely and doughy and haven't had a chance to get hard in the way that cold scones can do. Take a look above for plenty of sweet and savoury scone recipes.