Spinach is a dark green leafy plant, with edible flowers and fruits. Spinach is well known for its health properties, and it is rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. It is also known for being full of iron, which is why it is commonly referred to as a 'superfood'. But even though spinach is a bit of a wonder-vegetable, it is most definitely not boring - it can be cooked in all sorts of ways in snacks and starters, used to bulk out main courses and even in sweet dishes such as our take on healthy mint chocolate chip ice cream and our green breakfast spinach smoothie. Read below for plenty of tasty spinach recipes.

There are generally two different types of spinach - one of which is known as savoy spinach, with crinkly leaves, with the other known as smooth spinach, with flat smooth leaves. Flatter varieties of spinach are best for using raw in salads, although they are also tasty when cooked in soups and other meals, whilst savoy spinach types are best wilted down or cooked in pies and other dishes.

Frozen spinach is very useful to keep in the freezer, as you can generally wilt it down from frozen, or you could leave it out to defrost overnight ready to use in any sweet or savoury dish that you're planning to cook. Fresh spinach is delicious, but it won't last for very long in the fridge so it's best for you to buy it right before you're ready to use it.

Take a look above for plenty of creative and delicious ways to prepare and cook spinach.