Apricot Rice Pudding recipe

This is a creamy rice pudding, livened up with some zingy apricot jam. You can buy the jam in if you want to, but read on for a simple recipe.


1 litre whole milk
100g white rice
100g caster sugar
Zest of one large orange
Zest of one lemon
For the Jam:
250g fresh apricots
50g brown sugar
50ml orange juice
Juice of one lemon


  1. Preheat the oven to 150C/gas mark 2. Grease and line a large baking dish.

  2. Pour the milk into a large saucepan and add the orange zest, along with the sugar. Heat the mixture gently until the sugar is dissolved and the milk is just below boiling point.

  3. Add the rice into the sugar and milk mixture and pour it into the baking dish. Bake the pudding for an hour and a half, stirring often.

  4. Whilst the rice is cooking, you can get on with the apricot jam.

  5. Peel the apricots, cut them in half and remove the stone. Roughly chop the apricots into quarters or eighths if they're larger.

  6. Put the apricots into a large saucepan and then sprinkle with the sugar. Stir until the sugar is just melting and the apricots are beginning to break down, and then add the orange and lemon juice.

  7. Cook the apricots for a further ten minutes. Depending on the consistency you prefer, crush the apricots with your spoon or leave them whole.

  8. Serve with either the apricot jam stirred through the rice pudding, or drizzle it over the top – it’s delicious either way!

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