Chocolate Tablet recipe

This recipe is for traditional Scottish fudge, 'tablet'. This version is a wonderful chocolate variety. It's an incredibly sweet treat and it may be a little too sweet for some people, but to tone down the sugar, try adding a few tbsp. of liquor or whisky. A smoky Scottish whisky would work particularly well, making this fudge ideal to give away for Father’s day.


  • 450g granulated sugar
  • 170g evaporated milk
  • 120g milk chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • Pinch of salt


  1. Grease and line a 20cm baking tin.

  2. Fill a large roasting tin with cold water.

  3. Place the sugar in a large heavy saucepan with the milk and heat very gently until the sugar has dissolved.

  4. Once the sugar has dissolved, bring the mixture to the boil and boil it for around twenty minutes or until it reaches 118C on a sugar thermometer.

  5. Immediately put the saucepan into the roasting tin filled with water and beat in the vanilla and salt.

  6. Once the mixture begins to turn grainy around the edges, stir in the chocolate. Once it’s fully melted, pour the fudge into the prepared baking tin.

  7. Leave the tablet to cool completely before serving it.

This recipe will yield around 32 portions. If you want to make just a traditional Scottish tablet, leave out the chocolate. If you don’t have granulated sugar, caster sugar would work just as well.

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