Creamy Anchovy Dip recipe

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

This creamy anchovy dip is perfect for serving at a party with crackers and cruditees. Anchovies are combined with cheeses, sour cream and fresh herbs for a salty twist on a classic sour cream and chive dip.


  • 225g cream cheese
  • 80g feta cheese
  • 4 tbsp. sour cream
  • Small bunch fresh chives, finely snipped
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 6 tbsp. butter
  • 6 anchovy fillets, drained
  • Black pepper to taste


  1. Mince garlic. Place garlic, cream cheese, sour cream, chives, butter, anchovies and black pepper into a blender. Crumble in the feta. Blend until smoothly processed.

  2. Tip the dip into a bowl, cover and chill until needed.

Serve this dip with whatever you like - crackers or pitta chips, or if you like, spread it on toast and use it as a pate.

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  • Author: Laura Young.
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