Smoked Garlic and Rosemary Trout recipe

This delicious trout recipe tastes absolutely like you’d get in a restaurant – and you can do the smoking relatively easily at home. For extra flavour, soak the wood chips in the wine of your choice. You can smoke them in water if you’re serving this dish to children, but you do get more flavour from using alcohol.


  • 1kg trout fillets
  • 500g wood chips soaked in wine or water, squeezed dry
  • 1000ml water
  • 300g curing salt
  • 6 finely chopped cloves of garlic
  • 2 tbsp. dried rosemary
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil


  1. Drizzle the fish with the olive oil, season with pepper and cover with the chopped garlic. Sprinkle over the dried rosemary.

  2. Cover the fish and leave in the fridge overnight.

  3. Dissolve the salt in the water and then allow the fish to marinade for around an hour.

  4. Cut out pieces of foil that are just bigger than the trout fillets.

  5. Prepare the charcoal BBQ for a four-hour slow burn. Light the BBQ and make sure that 90% of the charcoal is covered with grey ash before you start. Sprinkle with the wood chips.

  6. Place each fillet onto a square of foil and place the foil onto the cooking rack. Cover the BBQ and cook for two hours, adding more wood chips if necessary.

  7. Check the fillets and cook for another hour or until the temperature of the fish reaches 75C in the thickest part of the flesh.

  8. Allow to stand for 15 minutes before serving.

Try serving these fish with some grilled vegetables or a fresh green salad. This recipe serves around 6-8 people, depending on how big or small the fillets are.

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