Mushroom and Venison Stroganoff recipe

Preparation Time: 20 minutes | Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Mushrooms and venison combine in this meaty, delicious stroganoff. Perfect as a midweek meal - easy to prepare and easy to make.


  • 350g venison
  • 300g chestnut mushrooms
  • 300g tagliatelle
  • 1 onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 2 tbsp. sherry
  • 75ml beef stock
  • 1 tsp. corn flour
  • 150g creme fraiche
  • 2 tsp. thyme leaves
  • 1 tsp. paprika
  • Pinch nutmeg
  • Pinch cayenne
  • Pinch salt
  • Oil


  1. Slice the venison into thin strips across the grain, then quater the mushrooms. Finely dice the onion and mince the garlic clove.

  2. Heat a little oil in a large frying pan and add the venison. Fry until well browned, then scoop from the pan with a slotted spoon. Add the onion to the pan and fry until tender, then add the garlic and mushrooms. Cook for 5 minutes or until softened and golden and the mushrooms tender.

  3. Stir in the sherry and cook for a minute, then stir in the stock. Bring to a simmer.

  4. Stir cornflour together with 2 tsp. of water until smooth. Stir in the creme fraiche, thyme, paprika, nutmeg, cayenne and salt. Pour into the pan with everything else, stir well and let the mix bubble. Add the venison and any juices and heat until the venison is warmed through.

Use wild mushrooms, instead of chestnut, if you prefer. Recipe serves 4.

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