Orange Liquor Jellies recipe

These super simple orange liquor jellies are fantastic for serving at the end of a long, Christmas meal. This recipe uses shop-bought orange jelly to make things a little easier, but you could make your own.


  • 1 x 135g packet orange jelly
  • 4 clementines
  • 8 tbsp. orange liquor


  1. Make the orange jelly up in a bowl according to packet instructions, but with 80ml less water. Peel and segment the clementines.

  2. Stir the orange liquor and orange segments into the jelly mixture, then pour into 4 glasses. Put into the fridge to set overnight.

Serve with a dollop of thick whipped cream and a sprinkle of citrus zest. This recipe serves 4.

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  • Author: Laura Young.
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