Rhubarb Wine recipe

Preparation Time: 42 days

This fantastic recipe produces a crisp, sweet, fruity wine that is perfect for enjoying throughout the summer topped up with lemonade. It's easy to make, too - all you need is a some home-brewing kit.


  • 1.5kg rhubarb
  • 1.3kg sugar
  • 250ml white grape concentrate
  • 1 sachet white wine yeast
  • 1 tsp. yeast nutrient
  • 3 litres boiled, cool water


  1. Wash the rhubarb, trim and chop into 6cm lengths. Put into a sterilised bucket suitable for using for food and stir in the sugar. Cover well and leave to sit for three days.

  2. Uncover and crush the fruit with a rolling pin. Stir in the water. Strain through sterilised muslin into another bucket, add the white grape concentrate, and add water to make the liquid up to 4.5 litres. Stir in the yeast and yeast nutrient.

  3. Cover and leave for a week, then pour into a wine demijohn. Leave for 3-4 weeks, then "rack off" into another, clean demijohn. Leave to ferment. Once all fermentation has finished, pour into sterilised wine bottles and cap. Ready to drink immediately, or you can leave it to age.

For extra pinkness, throw 500g strawberries into the bucket with the rhubarb when you first start making your wine. Recipe makes 4-4.5 litres wine.

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