Simple Nut Roast recipe

One of the simplest nut roast recipes, this nut roast is fantastic for those with little time or space in their ovens. Serve it with gravy or a creamy sauce as it could be a little dry on its own, or serve it cold the day after cooking as a tasty snack.


  • 175g chopped mixed nuts
  • 75g wholemeal breadcrumbs
  • 1/2 finely chopped onion
  • 25g butter
  • 1 tbsp. soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tsp. vegetarian yeast extract dissolved in 1 tsp. water
  • 1 tsp. dried thyme
  • 150ml water


  1. Thoroughly mix together the nuts, breadcrumbs, onion, soy sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, thyme and water.

  2. Once combined, mix in the yeast extract.

  3. Press the mixture into a greased loaf tin and bake in a 190C oven for 35-40 minutes until golden brown and firm. Leave to cool slightly before serving.

To make this recipe even simpler, buy ready-chopped mixed nuts and use lemon juice from a bottle. This recipe serves four people.

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Comment by James on 27th December 2013:

How many does this recipe serve?

Simple Nut Roast Review by Andrea Alman on 25th December 2013:

Super recipe. Just made it as part of our Christmas dinner. Fantastic! Everyone loved it. Thanks so much for the recipe

Simple Nut Roast Review by Ken on 4th June 2013:

This is so easy and tasty, love it to bits.

Simple Nut Roast Review by Jeff Norman on 30th December 2012:

I have used recipe three times including for Christmas dinner and it has been a success each time, both hot with veg and cold with salad. Very easy to make. The only change I have made is to heat all of the water to dissolve the yeast extract. BTW I used NZ Vegemite.

Simple Nut Roast Review by Quantum on 5th November 2012:

This nut roast recipe is well nice! And really easy to make. Scrumo!

Simple Nut Roast Review by Tiffany Clare on 17th December 2011:

My foster dad really loves it.