Wild Nettle Soup recipe

This nettle soup is full of flavour. Be careful when handling the nettles so that you don't sting yourself - use gloves.


  • 500g wild nettles
  • 100g basmati rice
  • 1 litre of chicken stock
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 onion
  • Olive oil


  1. Finely chop the onion.

  2. Bring a large pot of water to the boil with some salt. Drop in the nettles and bring the water back to the boil. Cook them for two minutes and this will remove the majority of the stinging element.

  3. Drain the nettles and chop them coarsely.

  4. Heat the olive oil in a pan and add the onion. Fry it until golden and translucent, around ten minutes.

  5. Add the nettles and the rice, season well, and then add the stock.

  6. Simmer the soup for 15 minutes or so and then blend until completely smooth.

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  • Author: Laura Young.
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